Medical and Healthcare Demo - COVID-19 Patient Journey

Scenario-based learning from anatomy theatre to clinical diagnosis


Lesson Details

This demonstration showcases just one of the infinite clinical scenarios possible in edify. Create your own clinical reasoning skills case study for the virtual training of healthcare professionals. In edify, you can select from a variety of patients and healthcare settings - setting up a case study to your specification.

In this demonstrative scenario, trainees follow the journey of a COVID-19 patient. In the anatomy theatre we enhance traditional teaching presentations with interactive, medically accurate 3D lung models. Seamlessly transport to a hospital ward where you can put your patient assessment skills to the test in a virtual clinical environment.

Import lung sounds, or your own case-relevant diagnostic imaging files to complete the patient - and learning - journey. Slice through MRI and CT scans to explore the lungs in a different way and arrive at a diagnosis.

*In development - coming Autumn 2021!

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