CAD Optimiser/Handler

Role overview



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That's why we have created Edify – an immersive learning platform and a place where teachers and learners can connect, collaborate, and learn together across mobile, desktop and virtual reality.



We are a group of creative technology entrepreneurs growing and evolving by assembling the best and brightest from anywhere. We are searching for a diverse collective of new people to join us who have that compelling combination of technical and human qualities to enhance our team.

We are looking for a 3D Data Wrangler/ CAD Handler to join us on our journey.

Position Overview

We are looking for a CAD Optimiser/Handler to support our content creation team. You will be involved in all phases of our 3D pipeline from download, inbound quality checking, co-ordination, organising/classifying, conversion into games engine ready formats and size optimisation / LOD creation. You will have experience of a full range of standard software packages and platforms for Architecture, Engineering and Construction including CAD, BIM, GIS as well as in reality capture such as laser scanning and photogrammetry.

You will get the opportunity to work on some of the most ambitious projects, creating digital twins for stakeholder engagement, training and education.


  • Incoming dataset logging and QA
  • Conversion of 3D data into Blender/Unreal Engine/Unity
  • Optimisation / LoD creation
  • Creating 3D models from point clouds and photogrammetry
  • Import of GIS terrain data and textures
  • Import and Export of CAD & BIM datasets
  • Managing company Sketchfab account and 3D asset library
  • Testing digital twin 3D environments created in Unity and Unreal Engine

Who are you

  • Experience in key popular CAD / BIM platforms such as Autodesk, Bentley & Rhino
  • Experience in processing GIS data formats and tools
  • Experience of using Revit
  • Experience with polygon based 3D tools such as Blender as well as Max / Maya
  • Ideally experience with game engine 3D pipeline – eg Unity or Unreal Engine

Salary & Benefits

Edify offers a fair compensation package with salary at or above local market rate and with all our employees owning the business through our share option scheme. Work from home, from the beach or at one of our global hubs, with flexible hours and generous annual leave. Hone your talents and build your career designing, building, promoting, and selling Edify.  

  • Work from Anywhere
  • Super Flexible Working Hours
  • Annual Employee Benefit Fund  
  • Employee Share Option Scheme

Edify operates a Work from Anywhere policy, with flexible working hours, enabling employees to ensure work compliments their lifestyle. Employees can also purchase holidays giving you more time to do the things you love, aside from working at Edify.

All permanent staff get access to Edify’s generous share option scheme, giving you a stake in the future of the company. 

We budget $3000 for all full-time permanent employees to support your work from anywhere lifestyle and general well being. This is deployed on a mix and match basis as appropriate, to include things like Gym/Club Membership, Wellbeing Activities, Healthcare Insurance, Training & CPD Programs, and Home Office / WFA Setup. 



And finally...


Edify is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion.


So, whoever you are and wherever you are from, all members of the edify family will be treated fairly and consistently.


Google famously aimed to not be evil, we prefer to build our culture based on: “be kind”





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