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edify equipment

edify is a platform that combines gaming tech, virtual reality and user generated content to enable accessible, immersive and engaging educational experiences. Educators can teach in virtual environments and deliver immersive lessons remotely - while participants interact and collaborate.

edify provides the tools to build your own content without the need for coding, specialist tools or knowledge and deliver it to your audience.

Go anywhere. Do anything. Learn everything.

Impossible possibilities

Go beyond the lecture theatre to explore virtual worlds, conduct challenging or costly experiments, and bend the rules of reality.

Tomorrow, today

Emerging technologies integrated into today’s tools, from anywhere, on any device. Spatial computing, VR combined with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to level up learning.

Personalised progress

Student performance made visible with data-driven insights and automated reporting to improve the individual.

Built on brilliance

Lessons created for academics, by academics, built by edify's team of gamers, technologists and philosophers to augment and optimise learning.

Open development

Learning never ends so edify is an ever-evolving platform, allowing for the constant creation and discovery of infinite possibilities.


edify refreshes education to help students learn by doing; to observe, collaborate and practice in their own time. Again and again.

"A fantastic teaching tool"

Sir Anton Muscatelli
Principal & Vice Chancellor of The University of Glasgow

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