Our Commitment to Accessibility

Our team at edify are committed to providing a learning platform that everyone can enjoy, including people with disabilities and accessibility challenges. Our development process is driven by universally accessible design practices and we continue to improve our accessibility in line with emerging best practice solutions for inclusive design in Virtual Reality(VR).


We follow accessibility-aware frameworks when designing and developing our new features and experiences. Our immersive learning platform is flexible by design, allowing people to experience or create virtual worlds to their specification. We are proud to be developing a platform that welcomes everyone across an immeasurable spectrum of individual differences.


The team has reviewed our current conformance against the criteria of the W3C XR Accessibility User Requirements. Please find our Accessibility Conformance Report here. Accessibility updates are planned into our 2021 product roadmap and are informed by user needs, input and testing. Accessibility updates feature in each product release and we continue to design and implement inclusive improvements in actively working to satisfy the widest possible range of user accessibility needs.


Questions around accessibility?

To request accessibility assistance or to report accessibility problems please contact support@edify.ac.

Alternatively visit the Support section of our website:

·     Browse our support pages: edify.ac/support/

·     Submit an idea to our product roadmap by creating a Support Ticket from the bottom of any support page.

Accessibility Report Downloads

Accessibility Conformance Report (Original version) >

Accessibility Conformance Report (Accessible format) >