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Edify empowers future-ready learning and skills training through boundaryless access to immersive content, experiences and collaboration.
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Industry Solutions: Skills without limits

Edify delivers hard and soft skills training using high-quality, immersive virtual simulations, driving learner engagement and boosting outcomes. Our library of experiences provides access to richly innovative training for organisations across various sectors.

Construction and Built Environment:
Edify’s VR platform can aid all stages of building design, from site analysis and initial surveying to reviewing concept designs in real-world contexts.
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Healthcare and Medicine
Practice key medical and research skills in a safe environment. Repeat experiments and learn from mistakes in a way that a physical lab environment does not allow for.
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ESG: Climate Change
Experience first-hand the relationship between changing weather patterns and their effect on iconic global landmarks.
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Arts and Heritage:Burns Beyond Reality
See Scotland’s national poet like never before with Burns Beyond Reality, created in collaboration with Robert Burns experts at the University of Glasgow.
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Cyber-security and Governance
Understand how cyber-attacks happen and how to identify threats. Strengthen user behaviour across all roles in the organisation by experiencing a simulated cyber-attack and its consequences.
Enterprise-wide Soft Skills
Edify enables learners to practice communication, negotiation, leadership, and conflict resolution skills in real-world situations or drive understanding of how implicit biases, behaviours and actions impact the workplace. Track individual and group progression with real-time metrics and review actionable intelligence.
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