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Edify for Enterprise Skills Training

Upskill your workforce from around the world using the power of VR and immersive learning.

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The Edify Solution

Using virtual simulations, immersions and virtual reality for enterprise hard and soft skills training has many benefits. It’s faster, more engaging, and can be easily scaled and implemented at a global level.

How It Works

How does Edify boost your enterprise learning and development outcomes...

Deliver training faster
Speed up learning and development training with virtual simulations, immersions and VR. Reports show you can train learners up to four times faster than you would delivering training in person.
Increase employee
Boost employee engagement and knowledge retention. Using virtual reality to simulate real-life experiences increases emotional engagement and help learners retain information.
Risk-free experiences
Enable learners to practice challenging scenarios, risk-free. Employees can develop teamwork skills and role-play interactions with customers in a safe and relaxed environment.
Standardise employee learning
Deliver a consistent experience, globally. VR solves logistical challenges and enables a more inclusive experience that’s the same for every employee, in-person and remote.

Want to see what Edify can do? Awesome!

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Find out how Edify can level up organisation-wide training and learning through the power of immersive technology.