(Re)creating the Past in Accessible Ways

Fireside Chat
November 17, 2021
2 minutes
edify admin

Ever wanted to go back in time? Do you think it’s possible to turn back the clock and be in Parthenon in 432 BC?

XR is great for doing impossible things; this includes time travel. As more universities, museums, and enterprises adopt XR, a few things need to be kept in mind around the intended users, objectives and keeping up with change.

In this edition of the edify fireside chat, we were talking to Deborah Mayers. Deborah is an Ancient Historian converted to a Software Engineer and is currently working as an Accessibility Specialist. She has been working in XR for the past four years. Her highlighted experiences include her Mithraeum Experience, Return to Office WebXR Experience, and CV in WebXR.

In this talk, Deborah went over her experience and the four most important things she found when (re)creating the past:

  1. Accessible Interactions
  2. User Control
  3. Multiple Interpretations
  4. Change over time

Follow her presentation here or browse the key takeaways from the presentation slides.

(Re)creating the Past in Accessible Ways

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(Re)creating the Past in Accessible Ways