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We are a group of creative technology entrepreneurs growing and evolving by assembling the best and brightest from anywhere. Tech is at the heart of everything we do, and we have a heart too. Our approach to flexible working, employee wellbeing, fostering personal growth and innovation makes Edify a great place to work.
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I know it sounds cheesy but Edify feels like a family. The other staff here aren’t just my coworkers – they’re my friends. I feel that I have value here and I can see my contribution every day. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more positive workplace.

Working For Us

What our staff say

“This role allows me to grow in many areas; it constantly challenges me to be on top of new software. I’m constantly learning… I think this drives me, being motivated every day to find new stuff, what can be used and how it can be improved. “
Fergus Bruce
Fergus Bruce
Regional Director of Sales
“I get to see I can see quite quickly the effect that my work is having… you're seeing something build up from nothing… that's really rewarding.”
Katy Mould
Katy Mould
Director of Product & Projects
“Previously, while I'd been working on things to do with VR, and AR, it was limited to the manufacturing industry. At Edify we work with a whole bunch of different industries."
Nidhi Chemban
Nidhi Chemban
Business Development Manager
Interesting, fun, varied and cutting edge. Collectively as a team we are always pushing the creative boundaries in tech to go beyond what can be done by any one of us individually.
Greg Williamson
Greg Williamson
Director of Enterprise
You are not hired to just earn for a living but to live life with knowledge and greatness. Edify is not a work but an exploration of success.
Wendy Mendoza
Wendy Mendoza
Director of Global Compliance
I enjoy working at Edify. I can proudly say this is my and best move. Work environment is amazing. Edify is fundamentally a great company with lot of learning opportunities.
Ali Nasser
Ali Nasser
UX/UI Designer

Employee Benefits

Edify offers a fair compensation package with a salary at or above the local market rate and with all our full-time employees owning the business through our share option scheme, giving you a stake in the future of the company.

Edify operates a Work from Anywhere policy, with flexible working hours, enabling employees to ensure work compliments their lifestyle. Employees can also purchase holidays, giving you more time to do the things you love, aside from working at Edify. Work from home, from the beach or at one of our global hubs, with flexible hours and generous annual leave.

We allocate budgets for all full-time permanent employees to support your work from anywhere lifestyle and general wellbeing. This is deployed on a mix and match basis as appropriate, to include things like Gym/Club Membership, Wellbeing Activities, Healthcare Insurance, Training & CPD Programs, and Home Office / WFA Setup.

  • Work from Anywhere
  • Super Flexible Working Hours
  • Annual Employee Benefit Fund
  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • Generous Annual Leave
  • Employee Share Option Scheme


Edify is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion.


We believe by building a truly inclusive culture, our company will be a springboard for all of us working at Edify, as well as all the educators and learners using our platform, to be able to go anywhere and do anything.

Recruitment Process

Send CV
Conversation with Edify recruitment team on MS Teams
1st Interview
Discussion with a member of Edify Leadership Team
2nd Interview
Interview with Edify Leadership Team
We will respond to you asap with updates on your application, All CV applications will receive response/feedback.  The recruitment process may vary depending on the technical skills required or seniority of the role.

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