0.10 Release Update

The latest Edify update delivers improved desktop tools, teleportation & waypoints.
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0.10 Release Update

The latest Edify update delivers improved desktop tools, teleportation & waypoints.

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Default waypoints

A waypoint can now be set as an initial spawn point for each scene, allowing users to control their initial position in an environment when they transition into a scene. This allows users greater control over the flow of their lesson from scene to scene.

Default waypoints

Broadcast view fixes

We have addressed a number of issues around what was - and was not - visible to viewers through the broadcast camera. We have removed the following from being visible through the edify camera when broadcasting:

  • Teleport Grid when preparing to teleport (VR mode)
  • Black fade out/in when user teleports or rotates (VR mode)
  • Outline of waypoints when user hovers over
  • Waypoint placement grid
  • Outline of portal when user hovers over
  • Object outline when user hovers over
  • Gallery view menu on the boards
  • Play/pause video bar
  • Controller ring menu options (VR mode)

We have also added the following to be visible through the edify virtual camera when broadcasting:

  • Shapes added to boards
  • Laser pointer (desktop mode)
  • Slope tool information tooltip
  • Stake tool information tooltip
Broadcast view fixes

Private lesson cards

Private lessons now have updated cards to show clearer information, including:

  • Title and description
  • Image of the starting environment
  • Lesson creation date
  • The ability to 'Favourite' lessons
  • Multi-select for lesson deletion
Private lesson cards

Updated hotkeys (desktop mode)

We have added a Lock/Unlock hotkeys to enable smooth desktop movement using keyboard and mouse controls.

  • Lock/unlock cursor additions to hotkeys
  • Lock/unlock cursor also added to the sidebar menu to prompt users to unlock cursor without having to open the hotkeys panel
Updated hotkeys (desktop mode)

Hide/show password

We’ve added the ability to show/hide passwords when typing by clicking the eye icon.

Hide/show password

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