Technical Requirements for Edify

Whether you’re accessing Edify in VR, desktop or remote mode – read about hardware specifications here

Technical Requirements for Edify


Headset Setup  

This is a basic overview of setting up a headset to get it working in Edify. For a more in-depth guide, visit the headset manufacturers’ website. Depending on your type of headset, you may require a Steam account to use your VR kit.                        



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What ways can I access edify?

edify currently can be accessed through the following routes:

  • ‍edify VR Mode
  • edify Desktop Mode
  • Edify Remote Mode
What ways can I access edify?

VR Mode Requirements

To use Edify in VR Mode you require a VR Headset and a VR Ready PC (Mac does not currently support VR). Edify recommends a Meta Quest (Quest 1 and 2 ) setup however the platform is compatible with the following VR Headsets:

Oculus Quest 1 / Quest 2

• Oculus Rift S

Pico Neo 2 / Neo 3

HTC Vive Pro  

HTC Vive Focus 3  

HP Reverb G2  

Please Note:

Some of the headsets listed above are legacy devices and are no longer available for purchase.

Individual VR headsets and manufacturers have specific deployment considerations and characteristics. Get in touch if you're uncertain which platform is best suited to your needs, or if your existing headset is not on this list. Alternatively, please see manufacturers’ websites for more detail.

All leading computer manufacturers offer a range of ‘VR Ready’ PCs and laptops. See below for specification requirements for Desktop and VR.

VR Mode Requirements

Desktop Mode Requirements

Desktop Mode provides a widely accessible experience, similar to computer gaming. The following is a minimum spec for a PC (a dedicated GPU is required for the best experience):

  • Headset not required
  • Windows 10 PC
  • Minimum Spec: Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater,16GB RAM, UHD Gen 11 GPU Chipset or greater
  • macOS beta version available on request

Desktop Mode Requirements

VR/Desktop Mode PC Specifications

For further information on VR Ready Graphics card, please refer to the following guidance provided by Nvidia:

VR/Desktop Mode PC Specifications

Remote Mode Requirements

Remote Mode enables you to participate in sessions via any standard video conferencing platform, on any device.

  • Any internet connected device that can participate in a video call.
Remote Mode Requirements

Institutional IT Integrations

We offer consultancy and guidance on integrating edify with your IT Systems, including: Single Sign On, Pooled Licensing, Admin Control, LMS integrations, etc.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Institutional IT Integrations

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