Creating 3D Assets for VR

Fireside Chat
December 14, 2021
2 minutes
Edify Admin

3D design is "the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional object or shape." Sounds simple enough; however, 3D models are also a work of art, and there is a creative process involved, while a wast array of technical skills are also required.

Whilst the differences are subtle, they separate a great 3D design from an average one.

Whether you are an aspiring 3D artist and want to develop your design skills or are already in the industry seeking to learn, this fireside chat is for you.

In this edition of the edify Fireside Chat series, the speakers are a mix of talented individuals from different parts of the world who also make up the edify 3D Content Team.

In this talk -

Sarah Mackenzie, 3D Artist and Undergraduate in Architectural Technology, Masters in 3D Design for Virtual Environments,

Ahmed Rassmy, 3D Artist and Mechatronics engineer with over ten years of experience in 3D and the VFX field,

Katerina Gyuzeleva, 3D Artist and 1st honours BSc in 3D animation and visualization,

Quynh Anh Pham, 3D Artist with more than four years of experience in architectural/interior design and rendering,

Ingrida Dargyte, 3D environment artist focusing on creating immersive environments, recently, art for games, and

Maria Carrara, Designer and 3D artist, movie and gaming geek -

talked about their inspiration and experiences in creating assets for VR.

Follow the team's presentation by watching the full video or browse the key takeaways from the presentation slides.

Creating 3D Assets for VR

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Creating 3D Assets for VR