Journey Through the

<turquoise-text>Spinal Tract<turquoise-text>

Trace nerve impulses through the spinal tract from periphery to the central nervous system.


Lesson Details

Explore the ways the human body reacts to different sensory and motor input and follow nerve impulses from periphery to the central nervous system (CNS). Educators and students can navigate the 3D arrangement of the spinal cord and tracts and understand key spatial relationships not possible using existing educational resources. Learners can visualise nerve pathways and follow their journey as they pass through the spinal cord and lower brainstem.

Students can observe the consequences of injuries and diseases of the nervous system and relate the anatomy to the symptom that patients experience. An immersive experience that allows students to observe these structures and their intricate relationships, helping to demystify the CNS and build student confidence when it comes to diagnosing CNS diseases.

*In development - coming Autumn 2021!

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